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Get Your Business onto Mobile Phones

The world has gone MOBILE! By the end of 2013, the mobile device will have over taken the desktop computer as the go to devise for searching the internet. The increasing convenience and ease of use that smart phones are creating is making them perfect for searching for services on the go! And searching for escort services are NO EXCEPTION!!

2 years ago an SEO client of ours was showing us their Google analytics account, and we acknowledged that the number of visitors visiting their site via a mobile device was under 5%... 2 years later and we’re with the same client (and looking at their analytics report again) and we noticed that NOW over 48% of ALL TRAFFIC was coming from a mobile device.

But there was a BIG PROBLEM… when we looked at the bounce rate for the mobile traffic it was 79%!!!! In other words… 79% of the people that visited there site via a mobile phone, hit the back button and did not look at any other page on the site. These guys were losing a HUGE amount of their traffic because their site was not optimised for mobile viewing.

And there’s an extremely high chance that you are doing the same! So what are the Options…

Option 1 - Mobile Apps

You could set it up so that when a user visits your website (using a mobile), a pop up message appears that says ‘Would you like to install the app’. When they choose yes, it installs onto their home screen, and becomes conveniently placed, ready to be used whenever it’s needed.

With the help of a sister company of ours, we’ve developed software that enables us to develop beautiful native apps (for Android phones – iPhone won’t allow escorting sites) quickly and cost effectively. With a ton of different features, we’re able to create engaging user experiences that your client won’t forget.

To find out more about our Android app service, contact us via our online form or call us now on 07081 50 20 88

Option 2 – Mobile Websites

We can take your existing site and convert it into a mobile friendly site. Matching your current brand, we will take your existing site and turn it into a gorgeous (app like) application that’ll run alongside your website. So whenever someone visits your site, the user will be automatically directed to the mobile version of the site. Where the intuitive navigation will make using your site a whole lot more of a pleasurable experience!

To find out more and to get a free quote, contact us via our online form or call us now on 07081 50 20 88